Friday, May 2, 2008

SOME STUFFS: Prima J gets ready to release debut album

You may have seen them on TV, you may have heard their songs on the radio, probably saw their name on a soundtrack or two and had no idea who they were.

Their name is Prima J (the J stands for the first letter in their names, Jessica and Janelle Martinez), and I have found their songs to be a guilty pleasure. It's pop with a bit of R&B thrown in, but there's something, maybe a mixture of their sisterly ways and being somewhat cute. You tell me.

Anyway, the duo will be releasing their self titled debut album on June 17th on Geffen, and you can take a look at what will become one of the hot songs of the summer, "Corazon":

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Are they going to be this generation's Pink Lady, or will they be able to make it further? Only time will tell.