Sunday, May 18, 2008

SOME STUFFS: two Pacific Northwest music blogs of interest

Anyone who was a part of the music scene in the Pacific Northwest will know it was much more diverse and active than what passed through and what was accepted by MTV. Those of us who lived in the shadows of Seattle and Portland always supported the bands, whether it was through buying the records, tapes, and CD's, or making it to a show. I was one of those standing on the outside by being involved in the Tri-Cities music scene in the 1990's, and much of what I did then would lead to what I do today.

I came across two blogs, put together by people who were a part of what happened in the late 80's/early 90's, and before and after.

10 Things Zine

Both boths feature flyers, articles, MP3's, and often feature comments from those who were there, occasionally from the artists themselves. Perhaps it's time for me to dig up my old photos, my Intensity fanzine sheets and start putting them up in its own blog.

Reading them makes you feel like you're outside of the club or in a van, shooting the shit, wondering if there's enough money to go around for beer or a visit to Denny's. Seeing a lot of these flyers reminds me of when I was going to high school, heading to Fred Meyer to pick up an issue of The Rocket and seeing flyers and ads for
concerts I always wanted to go to. Check them out.

For some reason, I remember the 10 Things zine and submitting music for a compilation way back when, but it may have been another zine. Oh well.


Dan 10Things said...

Thanks for the plug... I did put out two 10 Things compilations, the MP3s are available on my blog if you dig around. I actually started publishing 10 Things when I was working at The Rocket, I did some of my photo half tones in the office after hours. When were you writing for it? I worked in the mailroom and did some writing in 1991 and 1992. I loved The Rocket and the staff from the era!

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james lagrosas said...

Thanks for the share. The Pacific Northwest live music are great!!

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